How long will they last on one charge?

The X10 will last 4-5 hrs per charge.

Can you take showers with these or swim?

You can take showers with them. But you can't take them swim.

Are these low-latency?

Yes, They are low-latency.

Do they work independently ?

Yes, They can work independently. You can use either left-earbud or right-earbud. in mono mode.

Do these come with different size silicone tips?

Yes they come with 3 sets of different sizes. S/M/L for your choosing.

Is it sound canceling?

Yes, they do block outside sounds.

When taking calls, will they be able to hear clearly around a noisy background ?

Yes they cancel out the noise around you.

How can you lower the volume with the mee connect hub? the touch volume control isn’t working?

Please touch the " L" earbuds for 2 seconds to lower the volume. Please touch the "R" earbuds for 2 seconds for "volume +". Please refer to the User Manual .

What is the range of these Bluetooth headphones?

The range of the bluetooth wireless earbuds is 33ft

Does the light continuously blink after they’re connected to phone?

The indicator light on both earbuds will turn off when they connect to your phone successfully.

Will it pair to two phones at the same time?

No, unfortunately it can only be paired with one phone at the time.

Does it have noise cancelling mic?

X10 wireless earbuds only have passive noise cancelling. It has advanced mic for call, but it is not active noise cancelling mic. Soft silicone gel earpad (S/M/L earpads included for a perfect fit) will form a seal around your ear and you will be able to isolate and block external noise better, hear the music louder and clearer, and the bass will be more prominent.