Frequently asked questions

Is it loud enough to fill a room?

The Q12 is very loud for a small speaker and can fill the sound of a room of 80-100 sqm.

I have lost my charge cord for miatone speaker. What kind of charge cord do I need to purchase to replace it??

You need to purchase a micro USB cord.

Is the Q12 compatible with Alexa?

Yes, it works great with Alexa.

Is this speaker 100% water proof?

It is IPX6 waterproof.

Can this be fully submerged in water (if it were to fall into a pool ex)?

It can be for a short amount of time. It cant be deeper than just a drop though. An IPX5 and IPX6 mean that the product can resist jets of pressurized water. It is important to note that a product rated to be fully submersed in water cannot necessarily survive pressurized water jet.