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Miatone Q12


“Sound works great.

Showing your xperience with sound has a powerful effect on people and makes them more likely to be happy.” 


—  Calvin Tran, Sound Engineer


Music Like You've
Never Heard Before

  • Immersive Sound. Featuring MIATONE unique audio processing, the sound quality of BOOMBOX bluetooth speaker is significantly better across the entire frequency range from dual precision acoustic stereo drivers. It handles crisp treble and mid frequencies excellently without noticeable crackle at max volume. Using DSP technology, dual advanced subwoofers and aluminum passive radiators on each ends boost deep and accurate bass that's true to your music. No exaggeration and distortion.

  • TWS Function. You can pair 2 bluetooth speakers for a total of 32 Watts surround sound. The combined output generates full stereo, true-to-life sound.

  • Rugged Cylinder - Shaped Housing. Mesh fabric provides enough grip to run with this portable speaker in your hands without worry about losing a grip. Both ends have rubberized tips that will prevent slippage when stood up and absorb potential damage and softly cushion the speaker after big falls. So this speaker is perfect for outdoor sports, such as skiing, golfing, biking, hiking & camping etc.

  • Bluetooth V4.2 Range Testing. If the wireless speaker is around a corner and a wall in the way, it starts cutting in and out about 33 feet away. So you can use this speaker with your phone to play Pandora and left the speaker outside and the phone inside within 33 feet. Range is decent at about 100 feet in a straight way without any obstacle and wall. So you can place your speaker up to 100 unobstructed feet away from your Echo Dot or Echo, or other Bluetooth device.

  • Voice Reminder. There is an English accent robotic female voice reminder saying power on and off, Bluetooth paired and battery low.



10 fold improvement in sound quality.



Q12 supports 80 hours playtime 

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